Our end-to-end engineering capabilities include cell science, mechanical, thermal, electrical, firmware systems and stress.

The results speak for themselves – packs for every application that go further on a single charge, and last longer charge after charge.

Energy Density up to 30% Higher than the Rest

Romeo Power delivers balanced, modular and integrated design with superior capacity and power, while lowering the total cost of ownership. With battery technology, the greater the energy density and power density, the longer the range and the better the acceleration. Our battery systems provide both, resulting in efficient packs without sacrificing space.


Charge fast and go further. At Romeo Power, we customize our intelligent battery management system (BMS) in the Hermes module to suit specific applications with proprietary algorithms that enable rapid charge at optimal cycle life. Our battery management system features:

  • Voltage and current measurement, fault detection and diagnostics with thermal control and cell temperature reporting
  • Isolation resistance monitoring and reporting between high- voltage buses and low-voltage system
  • Advanced battery state indicators (State of Charge (SOC), State of Health (SOH) and State of Power (SOP))
  • Passive cell balancing
  • Safety controls (overvoltage, undervoltage, overcharge, short circuit and over temperature / under-temperature)
  • Controller Area Network (CAN) communications according to SAE J1939
  • Firmware updates over UDS

The Romeo Power Difference

  • Proprietary controls models
  • Parameterized for each individual cell design and chemistry
  • Enhanced State of Charge (SOC), and State of Health (SOH)


For electric vehicles that go the distance, effective battery thermal management is key. Through innovative thermal management, Romeo Power battery systems remain in the optimal temperature range for safety, longevity and performance.

The Romeo Power Difference

  • Thermal solutions based on power requirements for optimized performance
  • Faster turnaround time for prototype and A-Sample development using validated simulation methodologies in 1D and 3D space
  • In-house analysis capabilities with MATLAB in 0D/1D and Star- CCM+ and battery Design Studio in 3D space
  • Perform detailed testing through state-of-the-art battery cyclers and thermal chambers to validate the battery thermal architecture prior to production


Romeo Power analyzes virtually every cell on the market to identify the highest performing and most robust cells. By selecting those with superior performance, we are able to meet and exceed demanding commercial battery-electric vehicle requirements, enabling our customers to succeed.

Romeo Power’s Approach:

  • Electrical, thermal and battery aging models validated against proven cell data
  • Rigorous cell selection criteria for higher performance and increased safety
  • Cell characterization for fast charging and optimized against lithium plating aging mechanisms as indicated by test data

Functional Testing

Modules and packs are not considered complete until their functional and electrical characteristics are verified. Romeo Power’s state-of-the-art testing systems verify all critical specifications to assure everything is functioning as intended before our products are integrated into your electric vehicle application.

Reliability Testing + Validation

With a robust test plan strategy, we characterize module performance and product lifecycle. Our proprietary test plans, developed from industry-wide research in automotive and aerospace, set us apart.
Romeo Power’s full range of test capabilities includes:

  • Mechanical, environmental and electrical testing
  • Engineering, qualification, and production testing for single cell, module and pack level battery systems
  • Comprehensive failure analysis solutions, analytical methods, cross section imaging, cell teardowns, and failure analysis reports


At Romeo Power, we develop electromechanical architectures for maximum packaging efficiency, light weighting and safety from conceptualization to production.

Romeo Power’s Approach:

  • Proprietary electro-mechanical, thermal and structural architectures specific for diverse applications
  • Comprehensive material compatibility studies, including corrosion and fatigue testing
  • Utilization of the latest Finite Element Analysis (FEA) tools to analyze structural load path development, optimum material selection and joining technologies
  • Design engineering in a 3D environment using Catia V6 for rapid turnaround


Romeo Power’s battery safety design is rooted in extensive research. Through rigorous testing, we gain valuable data and an in-depth understanding of critical battery safety designs.

The result is a focused approach to management and mitigation of critical battery system failures, including thermal event mitigation through intelligent venting strategies and a single cell fault tolerant system design.

Romeo Power’s Packs Are Accelerating Change

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