Banyan Module

Banyan Module

The ideal electrification solution for the commercial vehicle industry, Banyan is a modular building block consisting of lithium-ion cells in a 21700 format that are connected in series and parallel to achieve the desired voltage, energy and power capability. Its high packaging efficiency, high energy density and structurally integrated cooling system makes it an ideal battery system for many automotive powertrain applications.


  • Modular design with a 21700 cell format
  • High packaging efficiency
  • Designed according to SAE J2380/2464, UL 2580, GTR 20 and UN 38.3 requirements
  • Scalable and configurable design
  • Cell voltage and temperature monitoring through a built-in module monitoring device
  • Cell balancing to maximize the usable capacity
  • Isolated communication between stacks and individual modules and the central control device
  • Integrated manifolds for superior thermal performance

10k Wh

Total Energy Capacity

196 Wh/kg

Energy Density


Fast Charging

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