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Hermes Module

The ideal electrification solution for the commercial vehicle industry, Hermes is a modular building block consisting of lithium-ion cells in a 21700 format that are connected in series and parallel to achieve the desired voltage, energy and power capability. Its high packaging efficiency, high energy density and structurally integrated cooling system makes it an ideal battery system for many automotive powertrain applications.

Orion BEV Pack Family

Romeo Power’s proprietary pack family exhibits application flexibility and is capable of powering a range of commercial vehicles spanning from Class 3 delivery vehicles to the largest, long-haul Class 8 vehicles.

Designed for Safety

Single Cell Fault Tolerance

Through robust cell validation and safety testing, Romeo Power selects optimal cells and incorporates design features to mitigate thermal propagation.

Battery Management System

Functional safety algorithms rapidly detect faults to maintain safe operating conditions for the battery, overall system and most importantly, end users. Redundant hardware and software measurements and protection mechanisms constantly monitor critical parameters of the battery pack and ensure that all cells are at their safe operating conditions.


Accurate monitoring devices at cell-level, module-level and pack-level constantly measure voltages, temperatures, and current to ensure safe operation.

Romeo Power’s Packs Are Accelerating Change

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