At Romeo Power, we are on a mission to simplify your transition to electrification. Our proven energy technology addresses the Transportation market’s demand to electrify challenging commercial Class 3 through Class 8 vehicles. Our suite of advanced hardware, combined with an innovative battery management system, provides the safety, performance, reliability and configurability our customers need while lowering the total cost of ownership.


Romeo Power is driving the transition to a clean energy future by delivering advanced electrification solutions for the world’s most complex commercial applications. This includes Industrial Off-Highway machinery and equipment used by agriculture, construction, mining, and forestry industries. From tractors and loaders to overhead cranes and airport ground vehicles, Romeo Power designs and builds highly configurable battery packs that power the industry forward.


As a pioneer in battery-powered energy, Romeo Power’s goal is to create real change in energy sourcing and electrification to reduce the impact of commercial and recreational boating on marine environments. We want to transition combustion engines with Romeo battery packs that reduce emissions and significantly lower air and noise pollution. Our breakthrough products deliver balanced, modular and integrated design with superior capacity and power to meet our customers’ current and future electrification needs. At Romeo, we’re transforming the marine industry through cleaner, more efficient energy sources.

Romeo Power’s Packs Are Accelerating Change

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