Our Story

Romeo Power is on a mission to power the world’s transition to electrification.

Romeo Power was founded in 2016 by a team of former Tesla and SpaceX engineers with a vision to create an electrified world where all have access to clean energy. Since then, we’ve laser-focused our collective engineering, entrepreneurial and networking skills to push high-density battery technology to its peak, to serve a market with a need for cleaner energy solutions now, and at scale: heavy-duty commercial vehicle fleets.

We’ve come a long way in understanding our customers’ exact pain points and identifying the best approach to solve them.

As a pioneer in battery-powered energy, we’re delivering advanced electrification solutions to some of the most complex commercial vehicle applications. Our suite of advanced hardware, combined with our innovative battery management systems, delivers the safety, performance, reliability and configurability our customers demand for success. We’re determined to create real change in energy sourcing and electrification, enabling access to clean energy for all.

Together, we are Romeo Power. This is our bold vision to create an electrically powered world.



August 2016

Romeo Power was founded


February 2017

Romeo Power expands to new manufacturing facility in Southern California

August 2017

Romeo Power Closes $30M seed round to ramp up battery pack production for commercial EVs and stationary storage

November 2017

Romeo Power inaugurates the first manufacturing facility dedicated to EV battery packs on the West Coast


May 2019

BorgWarner invests $50M in Romeo Power and announces a strategic joint venture

August 2019

Heritage makes a $4M investment in Romeo Power through their HG Ventures arm and forms a strategic partnership for responsible environmental controls


September 2020

Romeo Power announces Lionel Selwood, Jr. as CEO

October 2020

Romeo Power announces SPAC merger agreement with RMG Acquisition Corp.

December 2020

Romeo Power begins trading on the NYSE under “RMO”


April 2021

Romeo Power announces long-term supply agreement with PACCAR for Peterbilt EVs

May 2021

Romeo Power appoints VP of Cell Engineering