Frequently Asked Questions

What is Romeo Power’s mission and how does it influence the business on a day-to-day basis?

We are a Southern California energy technology company dedicated to enabling large-scale, sustainable transportation with our suite of energy-dense battery packs and modules. We are motivated by a bold vision to create a world where energy poverty no longer exists – where all eight billion global citizens have access to sustainable and affordable clean energy. We believe that to secure a livable, sustainable future for our world, we must transition from polluting combustion engines to clean battery-electric energy fast and at scale. At Romeo Power, we are developing the world’s highest energy dense batteries, with a focus on safety, extended range and durability, for heavy-duty commercial vehicles. Our team of elite engineers has made crucial breakthroughs in safety standards, energy density, battery management and cost-effective manufacturing, and we aren’t slowing down anytime soon. We are laser- focused on addressing our customers’ specific pain points to enable more commercial fleet managers to switch to battery-electric solutions.

What do we mean when we talk about energy poverty? How does Romeo Power address energy poverty today?

When we talk about creating a world where energy poverty no longer exists, we are referring to the global imperative to transition to cleaner, more sustainable energy sources in a way that is safe and affordable for all. Where it was once prohibitively expensive to make the switch to electric alternatives, innovators like Romeo Power are laser-focused on overcoming these barriers at scale.

Today, Romeo Power is building the world’s highest energy dense battery systems, with a focus on safety, extended range and durability, for heavy-duty commercial vehicles.

What does Romeo Power manufacture?

We manufacture battery modules, packs and battery management systems (BMS) for the commercial EV market and other high-performance EVs that require the highest energy dense solutions. Our end-to-end engineering capabilities include cell science, mechanical, thermal, electrical, firmware systems and stress. Our balanced, modular and integrated design provides superior range and power, at an effective cost. When it comes to battery technology, the greater the energy density and power density, the longer the range and the better the acceleration. Our battery systems provide both, resulting in efficient packs without sacrificing space.

Where does Romeo Power fit within the battery market and commercial EV value chain overall?

Romeo Power is at the heart of the EV battery market. Our industry-leading energy density and cell agnostic approach enable us to collaborate with the other leading industry players and vehicle manufacturers to drive innovation at a rapid pace. After our technology undergoes rigorous safety and reliability testing, we manufacture the battery packs and battery management systems that directly power vehicles for OEMs in North America and Europe.

What types of companies does Romeo Power look to partner and work with? Does Romeo Power look to partner with companies outside of the EV industry?

Romeo Power focuses on two key markets in mobility energy technology. First, the North American commercial vehicle market. Second, European high-performance vehicles in addition to light-, medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles.

As we continue to collaborate and expand our ability to serve our customers, we are committed to partnering with organizations that share our vision and goal of an electrified future and an end to energy poverty. We will also look to work with organizations that prioritize safety, durability and responsible recycling in alignment with our corporate mission.

Romeo Power’s technology also naturally lends itself to numerous applications in industries with increasingly difficult applications, including the mining, agriculture, marine and aerospace industries.

What does Romeo Power’s logo represent?

Romeo Power’s logo is a celebration of a current as it flows towards the possibility of a better future for all. Romeo Power is moving in one direction - forward. We direct our energy towards achieving our objectives as one strong, cohesive unit. And this includes our customers. Just as the current flows in a continuous circle, the circle in our logo mirrors the unceasing flow of our passion and determination to create a zero-emissions future, in a world in which access to energy is universal. The Romeo Power logo is inspired by the center of a tree’s wood core, called Heartwood. It is the fundamental supporting pillar of the tree and it never decays or loses strength. In many ways, it’s as strong as steel and this feat of nature aligns perfectly with Romeo Power’s internal values. Not only does the Romeo Power logo visually represent the natural pattern of Heartwood, itself akin to the design of a battery cell, but it represents Romeo Power’s positioning as the core of electrification.