Powering the World’s Transition to Electrification

Romeo Power delivers customized electrification solutions for complex commercial vehicle applications across the transportation, industrial and marine markets.

With US-based manufacturing and a steadfast commitment to creating products that meet the highest safety standards, we’re a team of focused innovators who drive value and performance for our customers at every stage of our partnership.


At Romeo Power, we are advancing the world’s transition to electrification with innovative technology and high-performance battery products that make a tangible difference in three key markets: Transportation for Class 3 through Class 8 commercial vehicles, Industrial applications including agriculture, mining, forestry and construction equipment, and Marine Environments.


Romeo Power offers custom electrification solutions for the commercial vehicle industry spanning from Class 3 delivery vehicles to the largest, long-haul Class 8 vehicles. With high packaging efficiency, high energy density and a structurally integrated cooling system, Romeo Power’s modular battery systems have multiple safety features and are designed to tolerate thermal event faults at a single cell level.


Romeo Power delivers balanced, modular and integrated design with superior capacity and power, while lowering the total cost of ownership. When it comes to battery technology, the greater the energy density and power density, the longer the range and the better the acceleration. Our battery systems provide both, resulting in efficient packs without sacrificing space.

U.S. Manufacturing

Romeo Power’s Southern California manufacturing facility is located close to port and intermodal transport networks for rapid delivery to your factory. Before leaving our facility, all modules and packs are tested according to stringent Romeo Power standards.